Unlocking Opportunities: Brisbane City Council’s New Rules on Renting Granny Flats

Unlocking Opportunities: Brisbane City Council’s New Rules on Renting Granny Flats In a significant move that’s set to reshape the real estate landscape in Brisbane, the City Council has introduced new rules regarding the renting of granny flats. These changes, outlined by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA), bring exciting opportunities for homeowners to explore additionalRead more

Unlocking Success: A Proven Strategy for Advertising Your Property for Sale

Are you gearing up to sell your property in Brisbane and want to ensure maximum visibility in the competitive real estate market? We’ve perfected a tried-and-tested strategy that maximizes exposure and attracts potential buyers to your doorstep. Let’s dive into the key elements of our successful advertising approach. Premiere Listing on realestate.com.au (REA) One ofRead more

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent: A Buyer’s Perspective

Selecting the right real estate agent to sell your property is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the success of your sale. As you venture out to inspect potential homes for purchase, it’s the perfect opportunity to evaluate and consider which agents align with your expectations and values. In this blog post, we’ll exploreRead more

Elevate Your Home’s Appeal: A Guide to Preparing Your Garden for Sale

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter. The exterior of your property, including the garden and outdoor spaces, sets the tone for potential buyers. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to get your garden ready for sale, focusing on key elements such as weeding and mulching, strategic planting, enhancing entertaining areas,Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Your Property For Sale

Selling your home can be an exciting but challenging endeavour. To ensure that your property stands out in the competitive real estate market, it’s crucial to view your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. In this article, we’ll explore the key steps to prepare your house for sale, covering everything to help you.Read more

The Inner South Brisbane Property Market Boom

The Inner South of Brisbane with suburbs like Annerley, Tarragindi, Salisbury, Moorooka, Yeronga and Holland Park, is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of available properties for purchase, making it a golden opportunity for homeowners to consider selling their houses, townhouses, or units. The current market conditions present a favorable environment for sellers to capitalise on theRead more

Brisbane’s Unit Market Surges to Record Heights

Brisbane’s unit market is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge, reaching record levels. The demand for units across the city has skyrocketed, with open homes attracting up to 50 groups per open. Moreover, sale prices have consistently exceeded owners’ expectations, showcasing the strength and resilience of the real estate market in Brisbane. In this post, weRead more

Inner Southside Brisbane Real Estate Trends in 2024

As we step into the promising year of 2024, the inner Southside of Brisbane continues to be a hive of activity for real estate activity, offering a blend of urban sophistication and natural charm. With insights derived from the latest data available on CoreLogic.com.au, we have delved into the trends that are shaping the propertyRead more

Four ways to Maximise Your Garage when selling!

Your garage can be one of two things: an empty space for cars to park and clutter to build-up over time, or it can be a useable space that provides value to new homeowners. Your garage can be one of two things: an empty space for cars to park and clutter to build-up over time,Read more

“Does it come with the house?”

Heavy, bulky items can be awkward to pack up and difficult to move. They also can be seen as big perks to potential buyers. If you’re willing to part with the items below, have your agent mention them as features of your house. 1. Basketball hoop – This can be great for families with young children.Read more

Entryway Essentials – how to make an impact from inside the front door!

Tips for staging a stellar entryway that will leave homebuyers wanting to see more. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and neither does your house. When potential buyers open the front door, they form an opinion within seconds. And it’s all based on what’s in plain sight.Read more

Seven ways to determine an asking price if the listing has no advertised price online

Real estate is an exciting yet complicated industry, and one of the most significant challenges home buyers face is figuring out the hidden price on websites like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au when it is listed without a price whether that be “For Sale”, “By Negotiation” or “Auction”. Here are some tips on how to figure outRead more

How to design, maintain and sell an Outdoor Oasis!

The generally warmer weather in Queensland brings with it a feeling potential our yards offer to expand our functional living space. Homes are now being built to accommodate outdoor living and similar to other updates homeowners might consider, adding amenities to a backyard could help increase a home’s value and become a selling point whenRead more

How important is Street Appeal when selling a home?

The exterior of a home can help prospective buyers determine if they’d like to head inside – or run in the opposite direction. The old adage “never judge a book by its cover” is an important one. But the truth is, first impressions are hard to recreate – especially when it comes to house hunting.Read more

Does Professionally Styling a Home Really Add Value?

For prospective buyers, visualisation is key in determining if a house feels like home. Ever scrolled through a listing and been bemused by photos including outdated furniture, empty rooms or wild wall colors? It’s the house and property that are for sale, but the existing décor – or lack thereof – inside the home canRead more

Should I paint my interior walls a modern colour?

According to our international RE/MAX interior design specialist, a home’s color palette can make a significant impact on prospective buyers. Using color throughout a home can be expressive, creative and hold cultural significance. But what happens to that level of personalization when it’s time to sell? According to interior designer Jeannie Do, homeowners preparing aRead more

Are buyers looking for Smart Homes?

Smart home features aren’t just in movies anymore. Home sellers may consider upgrading aspects of their property’s tech before hitting the market. Remember the Jetsons? They were a futuristic cartoon family with their own popular 1960s TV show who introduced us to some high-tech trends like flying cars, robot maids and “push-button Space Age-envisioned conveniences.”Read more

Should I renovate before listing my home to sell?

Few can resist a classic makeover story – and home transformations are no exception. TV networks have built empires making it seem that anyone can take an outdated, ’70s bungalow and turn it into a dream urban escape – doubling the home’s value in just 30 minutes. But before picking up a hammer, sellers shouldRead more

Retro Revival!

One of the popular interior design trends for 2022 has been decorating with the revival of the ages – mainly the colourful 60s, and funky 70s but even a touch of the 90s home design. Welcome to the retro home design style. It’s a trendy nostalgic revival bringing strong design elements that stand out – aRead more

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Bathroom Trends

What do you want out of a bathroom? Despite being probably the smallest room in the house, they are getting larger and making a statement. The bathroom, the ensuite the powder room … according to one major retailer, people are spending an average of $25,000 on the bathroom, which is up 15 per cent onRead more

50th Anniversary of RE/MAX

The RE/MAX network was founded on January 30, 1973 – and the five decades since have been a wild ride. How did RE/MAX go from a concept championed by two Colorado-based entrepreneurs – Dave and Gail Liniger – to a global phenomenon and the No. 1 name in real estate*? It’s simple (in theory, though notRead more

Buying or Selling a tenanted property

: There’s a lot of mis-information out there when it comes to buying a property with a lease in place and it’s important to do your homework before you purchase a tenanted property. A tenancy agreement does not automatically end when a rental property is sold. The purchaser takes on any agreement in place priorRead more

What’s the Best Method of Sale?

SPOILER ALERT: It depends. Firstly, let’s take a look at what are the methods of sale available to us in Queensland. Auction Private Treaty Tender “Off Market” (also called Pre-Market and various other terms) AUCTION In Queensland, the Auction market is not nearly as popular as some of our Southern States where a much largerRead more

What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

If you’re age 60 or over, own your home and need to access money, releasing equity from your home may be an option. There is risk involved and a long-term financial impact. Get independent financial or legal advice before you go ahead. Believe it or not, this is a type of mortgage that actually exists. It’sRead more

Buying and Selling Over Christmas

Buying and Selling Over Christmas Keep your eyes peeled for the property bargains over the Christmas period, before the New Year boom tends to show an uptick in properties being listed and a rejuvenated buyer pool, all ready to buy in 2023! The Christmas and New Year period is generally a period of time whenRead more

Moving House – Do’s and Don’ts!

It’s best to start planning and preparing to move home several weeks in advance. This is because it can take a long time to declutter, organise, and pack all your items before moving day, clean your old home once you’ve vacated, and prepare your new home before you move in as well as unpack allRead more

Renovating your home – the Ultimate Guide

It’s your chance to improve your existing property to create the home you’ve always wanted and add value in the process. The scope of a renovation can vary greatly, but even a small renovation requires careful planning, budgeting and decision-making. Different rooms require different approaches, and while there might be parts of a renovation youRead more

How to Find a School’s Ranking in Brisbane

There are a large range of factors which go into a school’s ranking but the Better Education website has the top 150 schools in the Brisbane area and it’s updated annually. By logging onto the website and navigating through the left hand task bar and clicking through to either Primary or Secondary School rankings. IfRead more

5 Tips on how to depersonalise your home before selling

When you are selling, one of the first steps you should undertake is decluttering and depersonalising the space. When we are bringing buyers through your property after the preparation is complete, we don’t want them to feel like they are *in someone else’s home*. We want them to imagine themselves in the space and feelRead more

Should I get landlord insurance?

You’ve just bought an investment property and excitement and anticipation is high. But with your short-term bank balance possibly in the red, you may be tempted to disregard landlord insurance. On the other hand, you’ve bought this property to enjoy greater financial security, so why risk not having extra cash protection? Is this landlord insuranceRead more

Is it essential to style your home for sale?

So many people ask me – “do I have to get styling done to sell my home”? And I honestly always struggle with the answer. The truth is, you will get so much more interest and competition from potential buyers that it’s absolutely making you more in the final sale price. But, it’s so hardRead more

Why would I use a Mortgage Broker?

More than half of all Australians taking out a mortgage are doing so with the help of a mortgage broker. There are literally hundreds of different loan products available. With so many lenders, and so many products under each of their brands,  it’s so important you make the most of this when it comes toRead more

Why an internet program can never determine the value of your home

As soon as you start looking for your new home, you’ll find that your email inbox, facebook adverts and every website you visit becomes a cacophony of real estate sites trying to tell you how much your home could be worth! Then, once you’ve bought your home, the adverts crescendo until all you see isRead more

What’s the most important update when preparing your house for sale?

I help so many people to understand what needs to be done to maximise the sale price, and what can be left for the next person to update or renovate. Every seller has the best intentions to make their home look appealing to each and every buyer who views it online and in person, butRead more

Renovate to Sell

What to do now, and what to leave for the next person If you’re thinking of selling but you want to undertake some renovations or refurbishments to ensure you maximise sale price, it’s important that you tackle the things which will highlight the best aspects of your property, and leave the bigger decisions to theRead more

How to prepare your home when you’re NOT selling!

My absolute favourite part of my job is when we are finished preparing a home for sale and the Sellers stand back and say “I should have done this years ago”. Well, I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to wait until you’re selling your home to have it feeling fresh, tidy, clean andRead more

Forget about Pretty – Why do we Style Properties for Sale?

It’s obviously become a huge part of the process in selling property in major cities across Australia and the world but *why* do we style properties for sale? There is a common misconception that it’s just to make the property “pretty” and that it evokes an emotional response from the buyer. While this is definitelyRead more

Don’t put blinkers on when pricing your house for sale

We see it every day with excited Sellers as we prepare their house for sale. Sitting down to talk about price is something I do around four or five times before the home even hits the market online, and there are reasons why it’s so important that we are all the same page as aRead more

Communication with your sales agent

When you are selling the biggest financial asset in your life, you want to make sure the person who you have chosen to represent you in the sale of your home is someone who you can trust, is accessible and is an excellent communicator. The way you feel about your agent in terms of communicationRead more

Buying at Auction? My 3 Tips For Success

I’m not traditionally an Auction agent. This just means that I don’t sell every home via Auction because often, it’s not the right choice for the type of property we are selling, or the owners are not keen to go through the stress of that process because of a previous experience. However, I know aRead more

What’s continuing high demand and low stock in the Brisbane property market in 2022?

With everything that has been happening in local markets, as well as interstate, the RBA decision to increase the cash rate by 25 basis points has certainly demanded everyone’s attention and the conversations at work and socially have been revolving around interest rates ones again. Not since the cash rate was being lowered seemingly everyRead more

5 Reasons why it’s not the right time to sell off market!

There is a shortage of houses to sell and a huge surge of buyer’s desperate to buy in the inner 10km ring (and even beyond) who have been clamouring to get their hands on a new home since prior to COVID arriving here in March 2020. Owners have been reluctant to put their homes onRead more

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out (and how to buy when everything is already sold!)

We are experiencing a huge demand for property to purchase in the Inner 10km ring of Brisbane and beyond with a regular occurrence for have 50+ groups through each Open Home and 10-20 Offers on the table. This competition is driving the property prices to exceed our Seller’s expectations by $10’s and $100’s of thousandsRead more

When is the best time to sell a unique home?

Did you buy the 2-bedroom cottage because it was a little more affordable than the bigger homes when you were last looking at property? Or maybe you purchased something on the train line or a main road as your first home? Are you wanting to sell something which needs a full renovation and you don’tRead more

What to expect at your first auction

Your very first auction can be quite a confronting and confusing moment if you’re not entirely sure what you’re in for. There are a few things to note and look out for, but most importantly you want to take in what’s happening at this auction, so you can be more prepared for the next one.

Showstopping home-staging tips

Home staging is the preparation of a private residence for sale. The objective is to present the property in as appealing a manner as time and budget allow. Ensuring the home is attractive to the highest number of potential buyers also enables the promptest and most effective sales results.

How to create a portable vertical garden

Vertical walls of decorative vegetation have been popular in Europe and other countries with high-density cities, where ground cover is at a premium for years.

The upsides of downsizing

The thought of exchanging the maintenance of a larger home for a hassle-free future full of travel, friends and newfound freedom is a common aspirant for downsizers on the move. Given the ideal replacement residence, more than half of Australians and New Zealanders aged over 55 are open to downsizing opportunities, according to Australian Housing

Choosing the right property manager

It is vital that you do your research before hiring one to ensure your investment is in safe hands. Here are some things to consider when choosing a property manager, or switching to another.

Dos and Don’ts of selling your home

When it comes to selling your home, there are a number of things you can do to help it appeal more to the buyer’s market. However, there are also things you can do that can work against you. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you in the process of selling your home.