Did you buy the 2-bedroom cottage because it was a little more affordable than the bigger homes when you were last looking at property? Or maybe you purchased something on the train line or a main road as your first home? Are you wanting to sell something which needs a full renovation and you don’t want to do the hard work yourself?

There are lots of reasons why a property may have been more affordable than others when you purchased it which may mean it might be particularly interesting to only a select buyer pool. Therefore, it can usually take a little more time to sell when you do decide it’s time to move on to your next home.

In a hot market, there is usually less stock and high demand so homes which are unique will have a huge volume of buyers looking at them and a greater chance that there will be the perfect buyer among them.

One other timing issue to consider is the time of year you are selling your property and to ensure that it highlights the things that you love about your unique home! If you have a lot of light that floods through the Northern side of the home, it’s a great one to sell in Winter when the weather is cooler, but the sun warms the space. Conversely a huge, leafy back deck on the Southern or Eastern side of the property may mean that it’s a great home to showcase in the warmer months as people envisage a cool evening drink.

Always engage an agent that will help you to consider all the aspects of your property so that you can make the most of this hot market and sell your home for the very best in market.