The generally warmer weather in Queensland brings with it a feeling potential our yards offer to expand our functional living space.

Homes are now being built to accommodate outdoor living and similar to other updates homeowners might consider, adding amenities to a backyard could help increase a home’s value and become a selling point when it’s time to list.

Even if they have to pay a little bit more, buyers don’t want to have to recreate the landscaping because they would have to spend more cash out of their pocket.

That can mean adding a screen enclosure to a porch or a firepit for backyard barbecues. Of course, homeowners may want to think carefully before making “over improvement,” which is an expensive update that likely won’t recoup its cost during a sale. Pools, for example, don’t always offer a return on investment. That being said, if homeowners plan to stay in the home for few years, they should create the backyard that will make them the most happy!

Outdoor space has become such an important consideration for buyers that some sellers are using photo editing software to show the possibilities of a listing that might not be in full bloom. We’ve seen landscaping edits happen more and more to demonstrate potential as buyers look for more space and, in particular, more functional space.