My absolute favourite part of my job is when we are finished preparing a home for sale and the Sellers stand back and say “I should have done this years ago”.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to wait until you’re selling your home to have it feeling fresh, tidy, clean and with all the odd jobs done. It just takes planning and a little bit of help from some friendly tradespeople and you could have your dream home without having to move from your current location!

Firstly, a great sales agent (that’s me!) can come out and give you all the same information for preparing your home for sale and you can use that information, follow the steps, and have your home feeling like a whole new space which will make you feel so happy to live there – you may never want to move.

We undertake the same process as preparing for sale, but with a few edits. You don’t need to depersonalise your home, in fact you want to make sure your home really FEELS like you and your family and doesn’t feel like it’s too empty.

Getting a handyman out and putting away a small sum of money to pay for the works can make your whole home feel like it’s brand new and it can even help your mental and physical health.

We can have a stylist come out to your home and give you a full rundown on how you could style your home and, budget allowing, they can locate the pieces and deliver them to your home. They can even take away piece of furniture and boxes which you no longer require and take them to op shops or the tip (depending on the condition).

If you are really feeling like the mountains of “stuff” is suffocating you in your home and you need a really BIG declutter, we have professional people we can recommend who can come out, work with you and your goals, and then pack away, dispose of and tidy up your belongings into intelligent storage systems so you can enjoy a little more space in your place!

Contact me if you’d like a free appraisal of your home to consider how you can make the most of where you live NOW! Kath 0458 912 906