It’s obviously become a huge part of the process in selling property in major cities across Australia and the world but *why* do we style properties for sale?

There is a common misconception that it’s just to make the property “pretty” and that it evokes an emotional response from the buyer. While this is definitely part of the reasoning behind getting a professional staging company to style your property, it’s definitely not the only reason, and it’s not even the most important aspect of the process.

Home styling doesn’t aim to make a home pretty – it aims to make the property marketable. What does that mean?

Any space which is confusing as to it’s functionality, or where it’s difficult for a buyer to imagine if their furniture will fit in that area and which doesn’t have furniture ton help showcase the property’s best features is missing out on buyers who don’t have the imagination or experience to understand how the home functions when it’s lived in.

Buyers almost exclusively find out about property for sale from online portals like and and the photos are part of the two-pronged determining factor as to whether they will save the Open Home time to attend, or just keep scrolling.

Home Staging is about creating a marketable difference in the perceived value of a home by understanding the human buying habits which include understanding space, form and function. It’s not primarily about the design or decoration… it’s absolutely about ensuring that the silent signals and unconscious response our minds have when presented with a space with defined but not finite function.

I recently spoke to a friend about getting a property ready for sale and she said that she would find it hard to furnish a home for sale as she would want to follow her own aesthetic and colours which she loves to make choices on what is presented within the home. While this would probably mean that there would be a polarising or confusing story presented for the buyer, it’s actually nothing to do with the reason a house is sold with furniture that is carefully curated from a professional styling company. A love of décor is not enough to style a home for sale.

An understanding of WHY we style a property with a focus on function first and “pretty” second, is part of my strategy to achieve the best in market for you and your property sale!