We see it every day with excited Sellers as we prepare their house for sale. Sitting down to talk about price is something I do around four or five times before the home even hits the market online, and there are reasons why it’s so important that we are all the same page as a team when it comes to understanding the amount your house could be worth.

Firstly, it’s important that we have talked about previous sales in your local area including the properties which have sold for great prices AND the ones where they might not have hit the mark for the best price which could have been achieved with the preparation and strategy that we know achieves the absolute best in market.

As we are cleaning, fixing some of the small maintenance jobs which need attending to, and generally making the property look and feel like a show-home, many sellers start to feel that the potential sale price must be increasing with every flick of the paintbrush and broken lightbulb that we replace.

The most important thing to remember is that we are always trying to achieve the absolute best together and I will never miss out on more money if it’s out there. But! Just because your house now looks twice and gorgeous as it did when we first started talking, doesn’t mean that we can now magically find double the dollar value in the sale price.

When pricing your property, it’s not an exact science. I can never tell you exactly how much it will sell for as I’m not the buyer… But, we are always going to be smart about it and we talk about your expectations and how they match in with the research of the local area and previous sales.

We apply a strategy which is effective in every sale at reaching the MOST potential buyers who are ready to offer and purchase your property. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised at the final sale price than disappointed because your expectations were allowed to grow without any evidence to support them.

Let’s talk! I can help you with everything when preparing your home for sale and together, we will achieve a brilliant result which will help you on the next adventure in your real estate journey.

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