When you are selling the biggest financial asset in your life, you want to make sure the person who you have chosen to represent you in the sale of your home is someone who you can trust, is accessible and is an excellent communicator.

The way you feel about your agent in terms of communication is the way the buyer is going to feel about them and it could make or break your sales campaign based on whether it’s the right fit. There are lots of questions you can ask when interviewing agents to see if they are going to be your best asset, or your worst decision – here are just a few which can give you some insight.

  1. Why did you become a real estate agent?

Jumping right out of the blocks here! This is a brilliant question to ask as it is something which will give you some real insight into the person you are interviewing. Forget about how long they have been an agent, or how many transactions they have completed. The more important question is WHY did they choose to be in this industry.

My own answer is simple and one which I have felt strongly about over the years I have been an agent. In an industry full of unethical people who look at people’s homes clinically as another payment into their own bank account, I see my role as someone who is there to give 100% of myself to you and your decision to sell your home. This includes being there for the buyers as they need to feel heard, looked after, and that the huge amount of money they are offering for your home is being respected (whether they are the successful bidder or not).

  1. How do you communicate during the process of selling our property?

You may as well come straight out with it because it’s important that you know if the agent sitting in front of you is going to communicate with you in the way you prefer, and in a timely manner so that you have any questions answered as soon as possible.

I am always of the mind that it’s best to be available to communicate through any platform. Emails can help to lay out schedules, quotes, print proofs and a variety of other planning information. Texts are great for short communications which can be sorted out in a quick exchange. Phone calls are important for talking through more complex scenarios or issues that arise. In person meetings are really important when discussing pricing, signing documentation or talking about offers from buyers which need to be presented.

In saying that, I’m always happy to communicate any information in the way that you would like to receive that information and the way in which you like to respond.

  1. How would you rate your attention to detail?

Most agents should have a keen eye for detail and it should feel a little relentless at times. After all, you want your property to be 100% of what is there. A detail-oriented approach to selling will mean that you are dealing with an agent that is thorough and able to balance the process with the physical, on-site preparation and the large amount of admin in the background which occurs without your knowledge – after all, that’s why you hire an agent – to manage all these things without any stress on you!

I am someone who pays attention to every detail and will continue to find items to address as the preparation progresses. This extends to clearly articulating to potential buyers the details of the features and benefits of your property and ensuring all the paperwork is done with the utmost of care so that there are no holes which remain open during the finalisation of the sale.

If you’d like the opportunity to talk to a skilled agent with your best interests in mind, call Kath on 0458 912 906.