Buying and Selling Over Christmas

Keep your eyes peeled for the property bargains over the Christmas period, before the New Year boom tends to show an uptick in properties being listed and a rejuvenated buyer pool, all ready to buy in 2023!

The Christmas and New Year period is generally a period of time when all our real estate transactions tend to slow down, just like the rest of the world. In fact, I recommend that all my sellers wait until January if they aren’t ready for sale by November and could settle prior to Christmas.

Although the shut-down period used to be a lot longer in decades past, it’s become shorter and shorter over recent years. While buyers used to be very lethargic in the new year, and the old rule of thumb was to wait until the third or fourth weekend in January to sell, we find that one of the best times to hit the market is the very first Saturday of the New Year.

There is this pent-up wave of demand where people have been busy with family and Christmas planning, and it all comes to a head directly after the Festivities are over. If you are smart and can prepare your home over the Christmas break, you just might find that you are one of a very small pool of properties on offer, and have your pick of buyers.

If you’d like to get more information about our recommendations for selling over the Christmas season, or you’d just like to get some professional advice about your property, please contact Kath on 0458 912 906.