What do you want out of a bathroom?

Despite being probably the smallest room in the house, they are getting larger and making a statement. The bathroom, the ensuite the powder room … according to one major retailer, people are spending an average of $25,000 on the bathroom, which is up 15 per cent on last year though rising cost undoubtedly impact that too. Bathrooms have clearly shed some of the mundane trappings of the past. They have gone from merely being utilitarian to more aesthetic and fashionable.

Where are we heading with bathroom design?

Bathrooms of 2023 are likely to combine practical functions and aesthetics, with a continuation of popular decorative trends of recent years.

These are considered among the hot trends:

Large-scale marble finishing White marble, used for floors and walls, is sophisticated and timeless. Ceramic finger tiles, marble mosaics, glazed subway tiles and terrazzo remain in favour.

Mirrors with design credential. Illuminated round or oval mirrors can be paired, single, or make up an asymmetrical composition. They come in finishes that match other bathroom joinery. Finely detailed frames win over frameless. Hidden LED lighting creates a floating effect that is particularly stylish against a dark background.

Glamor injection Gold accents appear in tapware and handles, in in the form of lamps, mirror frames and furniture legs.

Natural elements Invite ‘the outdoors’ in with wood, slate tiles, the use of pebbles, living plants or a window with a ‘secret garden’ view. Look for a rough stone washbasin bowl, a hanging wooden cabinet shaped like an inverted mountain peak, flowers and scented candles.

Elegant bathtubs Oval is a key trend, as is to use non-traditional colors and materials like wood, stone, marble and black-matte finishes.

Sensual showers We are loving the innovative technology like rainwater showers with multi settings from tingle massage to energizing flow; also, large shower spaces with seats, which double as steam rooms, showerheads for two, and combined bath and shower wet areas.

Creative sinks Contemporary styles using unconventional materials and open silhouettes are trending, as are metallics along with round receptacles with matte or speckled finishes.

Open space. We’ll see more integrated bathrooms with minimal walls and floating shelves.

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