I help so many people to understand what needs to be done to maximise the sale price, and what can be left for the next person to update or renovate. Every seller has the best intentions to make their home look appealing to each and every buyer who views it online and in person, but often the most important feature is missed as it’s not something the current owner will necessarily be looking at each day.

I often get people to walk with me when we start the process of getting their home ready for sale, and the first place we start is the front gate and look up at the first impression that buyers will see when they are looking for a new house.

The view from the street is often the very first thing a buyer will look at when seeing a property they might like to purchase and they will often drive or walk past the property before deciding whether or not to make the effort to attend an open inspection. A well-presented frontage will allow buyers to feel comfortable taking the next step through the front door.

How do you improve the look of your property from the very first glimpse? Do what I do with my clients and step out onto the street and take 5 minutes to critically appraise the appearance of your home. Your real estate agent will know exactly how to focus your attention on the most important aspects to update, but the most important areas for improvement will be the most obvious to you from this vantage point.

Another method for seeing the items which may need attention before getting your home on the market is to take a photo with your phone and then compare it to other listings in the area which may have some similar visual items as the front of your home.

Some ideas you might like to investigate is the pruning and weeding of the gardens and lawn, a fresh coat of paint on the fence and even a new mailbox.

Here’s a list which might help you to pinpoint the items to focus on:

  • Façade, Gable or Fascia
  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Front Door
  • House number
  • Garden
  • Fence
  • Roof
  • General tidiness